On the road again – link

John & I had a wonderful time last night, soaking in the delightful sounds of River of Dreams, a spot-on Billy Joel Tribute Band, part of a summer concert series at a local park.  About mid-way through, John had to get something from the car – when he got back, there was no sight of me.  Had I lit out for the ladies’ room?  Where was I?  Then he spotted me – dancing up a storm with two other friends in front of the amphitheater stage!

As much fun as the early evening was, what we did at the end, sitting out on our back porch with a late supper of Wawa hoagies & Doritos, was just as perfect, in its own way.  We watched the fireflies working their magic & listened to On Point, featuring a memory-roiling interview with Richard Ratay, author of Don’t Make Me Pull Over! ~ an informal history of the family road trip.

It is a must-hear for anyone of a certain age, who grew up either loading up the family car to hit the road for summer adventures or being coaxed & cajoled or flat out threatened to get in the car, keep still in the car, and “Stop doing that or we’re turning this car around & going back home!

The one & only serious road trip I took with my family was a trek from Philadelphia to Missouri for a cousin’s wedding, when I was around 14 & Mim around 22, so not sure if it really counts.  (Most of our vacations were spent at Lake Wallenpaupack, it’s 3-hour ride too short to count as a road trip.)

However, John (an only) & his parents did take the Great American Road Trip every summer.  It was lovely to hear about trips out to Wyoming, up to Nova Scotia, seeing the Queen in Montreal, enjoying Highland Games.  I want to hear more!

All of the listen is special, but the part I love is a caller who tells about taking her 80+ year old mother out to Colorado, how her Mom made all the calls about when to travel & where, about how adventurous she was & open to experiencing the new.  Reminded me so much of taking my own 87-year old mother on her dream trip down to see EPCOT.

What memories will listening to last night’s episode of On Point stir in you?  A great listen to share with youngers or olders, to use as a build to shared memories & precious moments.


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