Christopher Plummer ~ AWESOME, at any age!

When asked how it feels to be a history-making Oscar winner as the oldest actor to receive an Oscar (82), the oldest to be nominated (88), the always luscious Christopher Plummer answered, “Oh God, this age thing, it’s just getting ridiculous. I’ve got to start lying about my age.”

Age has nothing to do with  Christopher Plummer’s acting chops.  He won the best supporting nod because of a powerful performance, ditto the current nomination.

Christopher Plummer is representative of how a great actor acts.  Age is irrelevant.

When the reporter notes, “It‘s kind of amazing that you’ve been getting all of these accolades in your 80s,” it’s more a statement about the movie industry than the actor.  And it disses other great actors still active well into their 80s – my beloved Helen Hayes comes immediately to mind, who was 70 when I saw her on Broadway in Harvey & 85 when she starred as Miss Marple.

Christopher Plummer receiving an Oscar nomination is a kudo to the actor – age is irrelevant.  It is  tip of the hat to what can happen when a person – of any age – has the opportunity to DO.  The amazed energy around it speaks volumes about our limited & limiting cultural expectations.

May we always be the Simon Burke & David Scarpa & Ridley Scott of the people around us, feeding them marvelous lines, helping them deliver great performances on life’s stage – whatever their age, whatever their state.


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